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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Ideas For Cross Promotion For Music Venue

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am newly in charge of advertising for a 600 person capacity music venue. Recently I have made friends with a music magazine owner who is interested in helping me promote and advertise the venue with his music magazine. I have already pulled a fairly large ad in the magazine but now would like to present him with some outside the box ideas. While I have a few of my own (sampler CD's, industry parties ect.) I am at a loss for others.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can use this partnership to help build up the venue while assisting them in expanding their magazine?

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    How big is the magazine network/readership? This will have a real effect on how much you can deliver to the magazine in return.

    Sampler CDs and industry parties are not out of the box for a magazine - they are standard. If you are thinking out of the box, you need to start advertising with bananas or on yogurt tops.

    As to inside the box ideas, how about free parties downtown (if allowed)? You could boost both presences at the same time. I'm not sure if someone on a bicycle with a flag would do your image much good - a microlight aircraft might though (with a banner behind it?). You could then have a competition to guess the name of the pilot who could then be part of an event along with his aircraft.

    To be really outside the box, you need to know what your customers like APART from you. There will be something that they all like - it might be a specially scented soap, a make of motorcar or some color of clothing ... oh, and what don't they like?


  • Posted on Accepted
    ok - wild shot - find a young and up-comming DJ (one you could use for your industry parties) give him a name which ties in with the name of the music magazine, he/she could become your inhouse DJ.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Think bigger than venue + magazine. Think who else you both can partner with that would add even more value. A radio station? A local newspaper?

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