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Topic: Career/Training

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Most Recognized Marketing Certifications?

Posted by vaibhav.k on 125 Points
I am contemplating on identifying the right certifications for different levels of my team - folks just starting there marketing career, mid-level managers and senior marketing leadership. Any recommendations for a Global team in consideration?

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Firstly, acquiring new talent by CV alone is probably not a good idea.

    For a team you need people of different characters - gentle, diligent types who are happy in the back office doing the accounts and other donkey work. You need maverick types for your adwords and creative jobs. You need middle guys who really like dealing with people to make sure that the two ends are tied together. There is no point in having a geeky recluse as your communications manager and there is no point in having an extrovert happy-go-lucky accountant.

    None of the above can be identified from their CV or their certifications. Which means if you want an effective team you have to get clever. Sure, a certification can help. But not by much.
  • Posted on Member
    I'm assuming that by "certifications" you mean actual real-world skills and experience rather than merely certificates that can be easily earned but are of little practical value. If that's the case, rather than analyze the team you hope to develop, develop a set of skills required to accomplish what that team will be responsible for, then hire based on the latter.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    I don't quite get it. Why do you want "certifications?" Why not just hire the right people for each job and/or reward great performance. Who is going to notice or care about the certifications?

    FWIW, I'm not aware of any broadly recognized marketing "certifications."
  • Posted by vaibhav.k on Author
    Thanks Guys.

    Some Clarifications - I already have a small team in place and I am hiring aggressively. I want to invest in the training and development of my team but tracking their individual efforts is not practical.

    The idea is to push them towards any recognized certification, where if they successfully earn it, the company refunds the cost of that.

  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    As mgoodman has stated, there are no "broadly recognized marketing certifications." The only broadly recognized credentials would be diplomas, as in Global Marketing MBAs, and the like.

    Some professional practices, that are under the broad umbrella of marketing, offer accreditation and certification program such as:

    The Accredited in Public Relations (APR) credential

    Google offers several certification programs, such as:

    Just choose the specific practice area of marketing that matches your needs and search for any programs available.
  • Posted by Puru Gupta on Accepted
    Most marketers, in the global context, put AMA as the key certification. However, am not sure if it would be relevant to your employees, given their work profile (

    Specific to the Indian context, most of the 'credibility' is earned through MDPs / EDPs, whatever you can call it - Management Development programs, run by major B-schools. They have 3,7,15,30 day courses, followed by a qualification exam. However, most of the attendees are 'certified' by virtue of simply attended them.

    It might be more relevant to make them go through an internal rigorous course, which could be co-invested by the employees, followed by a qualification test. The course structure could be customized as per your organization / sector, along with Marketing basics. You could translate these subsequently to internal WBMs (Web-based modules) that all your new joinees can attend and get qualified as a pre-requisite for the current / next role.

    Alternatively, MarketingProfs has a good compilation of courses at - you can simply leverage this resource pool for internal training.

    Hope that helps!

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