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Topic: Student Questions

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How To Collect Survey Reponses?

Posted by simonavinerean on 250 Points

I am currently pursuing my PhD studies and conductiong a marketing research on the online shopping experience. However, I have been having trouble getting responses for my online survey.

What crowdsourcing tool or data collection tacticts would you recommend?

My survey is available online:

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback!

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    It sounds like your problem isn't one of technology (are people having problems trying to access/complete the form) but one of benefit (why should someone spend their time completing your survey?). If people aren't completing the survey, perhaps it's too long/tedious. Or, perhaps the form's purpose/intention isn't shared up-front with volunteers. Or perhaps you're asking too many personal questions. If there isn't a strong reason to complete the survey, perhaps you need to incentivize - a valuable prize for participating, for example.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    My suggestion is not to use surveys at all. They are ineffective, grab only those who are interested enough to plough through them - and yield poor results.

    So get clever. You are an aspiring PhD - so get clever, imaginative and above all, have some fun: use the Google Display Network. You can fine tune it to a degree that will give you demographics to your hearts' content. What's more in doing so you will be learning something that few marketers have any real grasp of, let alone understand how to control the immense power of.

    For a small outlay you will have results by the end of the week - if not the afternoon. The things you will learn will be well worth 100x the costs involved.

    I also answered this recent question: that also covers this very problem.

    PS Paying people to do a survey immediately skews the results. The Display Network is both powerful, subtle and above all, accurate. Ask the proper questions and you will get some stunning results.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Is the problem that you can't get people to even look at the survey, or are they looking at it and deciding they don't want to invest the time, effort and energy to complete it?

    The survey does look very foreboding -- long, complicated, uninteresting -- but that may be a secondary problem. How do you generate interest/awareness? If you're not recruiting respondents then it doesn't matter. So let's be sure we're solving the right problem.

    You need to get people to the survey; then you need to make the survey seem easy/interesting; and then you need to make sure people are motivated to spend time on your project. If you miss any one of the three factors, you won't have a large enough base for legitimate research.

    Have you consulted with a market research expert on this, or are you trying to be your own expert?

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