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Topic: Student Questions

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Brand Comparison Toyota Prius,vw Golf,suzuki Swift

Posted by danielpearce111 on 250 Points
Have been asked by a tutor to compare the 3 categories of brands stated above,
Things he wants to see are branding, positioning, brand elements and brand equity,
Have done the first 2 and a perceptual map having few issues with the last 2 .
Any help appreciated.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Since it's your homework & education, what have you discovered? What information is missing? What's the ultimate goal of this exercise for you (and your tutor)?
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    Odd choice of three vehicles, as they are not typically grouped together by the leading auto magazine editors for comparison testing. Also, any conclusions would have to take many factors into consideration, e.g. it depends on which world regions .. Europe, US etc.

    For brand equity, VW and Toyota have both stated they intent to be number one in auto manufacturing (Toyota is currently). The Prius is a market leader in it's segment. The Golf is a market leader in it's segment. In the US, the joke about Suzuki is nobody can find their dealerships. The Swift is not a brand leader.

    I'm not sure what "brand elements" means. Perhaps customer satisfaction, reliability, design elements, performance elements?

    Just my two cents.

    Check out - it's a great digest of auto reviews and news.
  • Posted by danielpearce111 on Author
    Toyota Prius: $30k 1.5 hybrid engine.
    ,positioning is fuel efficient, reliable and dependable.quality plus ecofriendly.
    Brand elements are the toyota logo the hybrid synergy drive logo. Slogan:Quality that's what Toyota deliver.
    Brand equity: loyalty long history of car manufacturer. After sales service and support, hybrid technology positive perception by consumers.( well some)
    VW Golf 32k. 1.4 petrol and Diesel engines.
    Positioning: Premium upmarket quality machine.
    Brand elements: VW logo timeless identity, most recognised of the 3.
    Brand equity: precision engineering grunty motor( of the 3)
    Most expensive so perception of quality that goes with it.

    Suzuki swift: $25k 1.3 diesel
    Contemporary, frugal.
    Brand elements: the s logo,design of front of car Is distinguishable.
    Brand equity: cheap cars plus parts, nz swift racing class. Quality motor bikes they produce.

    Perceptual map has
    Fuel efficient and powerful on horizontal axis
    Basic options and high factory specs on the vertical axis.

    Fits learning outcomes Understand how to successfully build and manage a brand.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    As Steve mentions they're an odd choice. But then we're dealing with universities here, and they come up with the daftest ideas.

    Now one of the first problems we encounter with branding of this kind is the absence of the customer. Branding is only going to work if it speaks to the people it sells its products to. Work out that side of the equation and you'll find a very different story indeed.

    So who buys a Prius, Golf or Swift? Is there any commonality in buyers here that you can use for the purpose of comparison? there seems pretty little beyond the fact that they all have a wheel at each corner!

    What's your take on my ideas? Do they help any?
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    A classic position is a place or ranking perceived about a brand in the minds of the consumers. The Prius owns the number one position in the hybrid auto segment. Words like .. "fuel efficient, reliable and dependable.quality plus ecofriendly" help to describe the segment itself, not the individual brand's place. All the leading competitors claim these virtues just to be included in the segment. Prius is number one, a Honda or Ford hybrid model would be number two.

    Brand equity is also about a number. Each year Interbrand publishes a number that represents the equity of the Toyota brand in dollars. It's not a perfect representation of brand equity, but if you read Interbrand's methodology, you will see the logic of it.

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