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Topic: Student Questions

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Research Project: International Marketing

Posted by anthony.smadja on 125 Points
Greetings everyone!

My university is currently doing a research project, the topic of which is "What's a marketer's job?"

I know the Internet is full of answers regarding such a broad topic. However, I'd like to submit you a few questions. The main point of the topic is to get answers from marketers from all over the world so that we can have a better approach about International Marketing.

If you could please state your nationality and the sector on which you're working (the name of the company is optionnal, but you are free to communicate it to me as well)

Here are the questions:

Name (optional)
Company name (optional)
Your position within the company:

1) What do you define as the 5 the most important aspects in a successful marketing?

2) What is your most relevant (enriching?) experience as a marketer?

3) How much of negotiation do you practice in your position?

4) Have you faced, within your department or your clients, cultural problems or misunderstandings, and how did you solve them ?

5) Are there specific personal and professional profiles needed to be a performant marketer?

I would really appreciate if you could help me! Thanks in advance!

  • Posted on Accepted
    Happy to see you that you are trying to get your answer from the marketers in all over the world. Actually you asked very good questions but don't you think that the answers of the questions you asked will be very lenthy and time taken. Nobody have so much of time that they answers your questions. I don't want to down your morale,you are doing such a great thing but try to ask those questions whose answers willl be in one or two sentences. All the best.
  • Posted by anthony.smadja on Author
    Thank you for your reply,

    You are right, I actually think my questions were pretty broad, which is why people are running away from me haha. Those are actually questions I use during interviews, so I did not expect a long paragraph for each question, but a maximum of 2 or 3 sentences maybe... However it is getting hard to find people to interview, which is why I thought about posting them on a forum.
    I will try to find a way to reshape the questions so that it will be easier then.

    I appreciate your piece of advice, thank you cashone001

    Kind regards.

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