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Is Cpsm Worth Getting?

Posted by jlgasperini on 250 Points
I have all the qualifications of a job listing, but it says "Ideal candidate has a CPSM (Certified Professional Services Marketer) designation". So, in your opinions, it this certification worth obtaining? As a non-member, it would cost $750. I realize I may not have enough time to get it now, but for future opportunities?
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I'm not familiar with CPSM, so I'm probably not really qualified to give the advice you seek. If you are fully qualified, however, it's hard to imagine that having the certification would somehow make you MORE qualified.

    What you might do is find a list of the topics covered in CPSM certification, and make sure you are fluent/facile with all of them. Then apply for the job saying "... fully familiar with all subject areas required for CPSM certification" (or words to that effect), thus indicating that you are at least aware of CPSM (for those who care).

  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    I a also not familiar with it, but if a prospective employer wants it and you think it will help you get the job, then it has some value for that position. Worth $750 plus the opportunity cost of time it takes to get it - that we can't answer. If it is the only thing preventing you from landing a well paying position, then it likely would be worth it. If it wouldn't make a difference, then not worth it. Probably some place in between.

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