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Topic: E-Marketing

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Free Of Charge Pop-up Software

Posted by sophiaa.nissen on 250 Points
I represent Morning Train, a web agency in Odense. Morning train has developed a free pop-up software program that you can check out here:
It is an easy-to-use software that allows you to make pop-up windows for your website for free. It offers several forms of signup forms that can be scrolled. Used to measure your SEO score or newsletter enrollment form.
Morning catch can be integrated with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and gives you the opportunity to get 15% more leads about your user.

I would like to get more subscribers but i don t know how to increase the traffic and get more users and by that i mean that the competition is too high. Everybody heard of sleek note or mailchimp so how do i make morning catch a succes?

  • Posted by telemoxie on Member
    In the US, we spell it, "customers".

    I don't know much about this free software business. Can you help me out, and explain how you plan to eventually make some money? What's the catch?
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Morning Catch can be made successful by growth hacking the living daylights out of it.

    I see the point of giving this pop-up away as a way to raise overall visibility (and therefore links to) Morning Train, which is a wise move.

    However, pop-up boxes on websites are generally thought to be annoying because they pop up the second that the site user's cursor goes anywhere near the exit button, which in many cases, is also dangerously close to the scroll bar.

    So, what can Morning Train, with its small army of highly-talented and multi-skilled coders and engineers might have to consider doing is to have the pop up action and functionality of the product be less annoying and for it to be less intrusive.

    That's the first question you need to answer: how can THIS website pop-up become the benchmark by which all other website pop-ups are measured, both from the end-user's point of view, and from the site viewer's point of view? The experience of interacting with this thing needs to be EQUALLY pleasurable and productive for site owners and site visitors, while also remaining relevant and functional in terms of effective SEO. How can you engineer and growth hack this issue? Crack this question and the pop-up becomes ten times more desirable to install and to use.

    Next, Morning Train has what appears to be a social media credibility issue in terms of presence and content. I've looked at the translated versions of the company's Twitter and Facebook pages and LinkedIn. There's a certain amount of duplication on all three platforms which may not be serving you or your followers. And when a marketing, SEO, and social media advertising company has a fairly low number of followers on Facebook and Twitter, could that point raise a red flag or two for potential users?

    One other point is a that a lot of your social media stuff talks about the company. While a certain amount of self promotion is OK, you'd do well to talk more about the clients you've helped.

    As much as this next idea might be a pain to complete, it may be worth your time and trouble in the longer term.

    I realize lots of people in Denmark speak English as a second language. I'm not sure if it's one of the issues of Google Translate or not, but the Danish-to-English translation via Google Translate of your main .dk site isn't doing the company too many favors.

    So here's my suggestion: duplicate your entire website and set the site up with a .com domain name and have a native English speaker go through the entire layout, page by page, paragraph by paragraph to pull syntax, spelling, and grammar into line for British English and American English speakers as two distinct customer bases.

    You may also want to do the same for all your social media posts. Have one post in Danish and a similar post in English, with the respective language link pointing to the respective language version of your website.

    OR, if the goal is to bring in more subscribers, consider having stand alone English versions of each of your main social streams. Yes, I realize this is a huge challenge and that it's a lot of work. But the idea here is to make life as simple as possible for your end users.

    In terms of growth hacking, the point is to test, test, test and to fail, fail, fail and to do so in multiple arenas as quickly as possible, WHILE LEARNING from the mistakes, and THEN APPLYING what you learn and what works to the next iteration. This way, your process streamlines the workflow and improves the outcome.

    You'll probably benefit from running split-tested, geo-targeted social media ads to get the fully functioning, native English version of the landing page for Morning Catch/ Morning Train in front of the people best suited to make use of it.

    When I typed Morning Train into Google (I live just outside Philadelphia in the USA), page 1 is dominated by Sheena Easton's pop song from 1981. Your company shows up near the bottom of page 2 of Google (again, this is for the American English version of Google). Is your aim to reach more native English speakers, or to drum up awareness (and business) in Denmark and for Danish clients?

    Morning Train owns the top three spots of the Danish version of Google, but Sheena still owns more spots (via YouTube videos). What can your company do to counter this visibility and to get yourselves higher up the English speaking versions of Google?

    Taking over YouTube with your own versions of videos will help.

    I hope these viewpoints are of value.

    Good luck to you.

    One other question: does this pop up work with ALL browsers and with all website design platforms?

    Does it kick ass on Google Chrome and does it suck big time on Safari? Does it work equally well with Drupal and Joomla as it does with Wix, SquareSpace, Webflow, Weebly, and WordPress? Will it work with Adobe Muse and with Adobe Dreamweaver?

    I hope this helps.

  • Posted by sophiaa.nissen on Author
    Thank you for your answer. The thing you have being pointing out have definitely raise a question mark for me.

    I will start by answering why Morning catch is a free of charge software. In the beginning, when morning catch was fresh and new on the market users had to pay for it. But now morning catch is so simple to use that it doesn't require any of our support. There are 4 simple steps to follow, no updates to install and therefore no need for us to monitor it. Now the real thing is that there is NO CATCH - think about it, if you would have a pop-up software that in the beginning you sold for a small amount of money but afterwards your business grow and you get more tasks and projects what will you then do ? It is all about the money ? Would you rather charge people for a software you no longer invest time into ? Or would you "put" your pop-up software on a shelf to hibernate?

    Morning train choose to make it free. We are a webbureau full of your entrepreneurs. We like to challenge ourselves and we enjoy what we are doing - so the merrier the better - if people can benefit of our free pop-up software allover the world then : why not give it to them ?

    And yes - morning catch is 100 % functional on all browsers :) .

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