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Topic: E-Marketing

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Funnel Strategy For Residential Hvac

Posted by wburrell on 125 Points
Has anyone had success with the funnel strategy in residential HVAC? What can I offer in exchange for the homeowner's email address? thanks, Wendy

  • Posted by dubois on Accepted
    Utilities are using that strategy. What business are you in? How will you reach homeowners to offer your premium?
  • Posted by wburrell on Author
    i am in residential HVAC. i will use social media, banner ads, and web site to link to the lead magnet.
  • Posted by dubois on Accepted
    I'm working on a campaign like that now. Think beyond offering a listicle of surprising secrets to reduce cooling cost. Homeowners have all kinds of concerns, most of them way bigger than saving $30 a month on energy. Allergens, mold-mildew, humidity -- but you're not limited to HVAC related topics.

    Expand the circle: Home maintenance, home lifestyles, decorating, neighborhoods, even cooking. The premium doesn't need to sell your services, it just needs to exact an e-mail address. (And if you're not already co-marketing with the local utilities, get on that. Cashing their rebate checks is just the beginning.)
  • Posted by wburrell on Author
    thanks, dubolis. We are more value to the utility company than they are to us. Our sales guys sell the rebate on every estimate. And the consumer rebate propaganda they serve to homeowner's is horrible.
  • Posted by wburrell on Author
    they don't offer us any coop money to sell the rebate program,
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Since a HVAC purchase isn't a recurring expense nor an insignificant one, you'd be better served with a PPC ad that's geo-targeted (Google and FB, for example). If you don't have a strong Yelp presence, develop one. Imagine a prospect in your region is looking for what you sell. How are they likely to find a company - word of mouth, advertisements, testimonials, coupons, etc.?
  • Posted by dubois on Accepted
    Jay raises an important distinction between EE measures (my assumption) and repairs. In either case it doesn't hurt to build a relationship. My experience is that residential customers aren't searching for efficiency - but when a homeowner needs emergency service and doesn't have a relationship, then being found (search) and remembered (brand) are what will get you the customer.

    Hopefully you have the budget to try some things, track results and learn what works.
  • Posted by KSA on Accepted
    How about a free HVAC review? Or, a lottery for a free HVAC review? Run one a week and publish the name of the winner. Or, a free duct cleaning. You'll get more targeted responses from people who may not have a regular maintenance contract. Then, see what your response is.

    If you only get one entry a week, you're going to be paying a lot per lead. That's what dubois is talking about trying some things and tracking results. You need to find the offer that will result in a reasonable cost per lead.

    Could you create an ebook? What do you know that homeowners don't know and can't easily find out? But, as dubois mentioned, it can't be just standard information. Maybe create a calculator, people need to register to access. I was recently interested to find that the model number tells you something about the energy usage, and if it's really high, there's no sense getting a more efficient system. The calculator could take the existing system and compare it to a new one to see what the difference is. You could call it something about "How to tell if a new HVAC system will save you money."
  • Posted by wburrell on Author
    Thank you KSA, good ideas. An energy usage calculator is something i have been putting together. i can also get similar from a manufacturer.
  • Posted by wburrell on Author
    we do PPC ads, they are competitive and expensive. i am looking for an additional way to build my own audience and stay in touch with valuable content, then hopefully be ONE of the three bids when they need us. i realize this is not a sexy niche and homeowners don't want to spend money on what we have :) (or on something no one can see) so need to go outside the box. thanks for the input!
  • Posted by Rick on Accepted
    You may want to consider offering a discount for a furnace or a AC checkup. This way it gets you into the home allowing your service personnel talk to them about have a complete cleaning and possible a maintenance contract. If their system needs to be replaced you can have a sales rep get in touch with the customer. I knew the Vice President of Sales at Sears and said that when they were first trying to sell automatic setback thermostats that they received the most success when their service people were at the house and they could sell them on the product and install it at the same time.

    I hope these suggestions prove useful to you.
  • Posted by dubois on Accepted
    Is your regional efficiency alliance active? Ours, NEEA, has a blog where it posts campaign ideas and experiences (and templates) you might be able to leverage.

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