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Looking For An Experienced/effective Career Coach

Posted by Dewa on 125 Points
Has anyone worked with an effective and experienced career coach with a lot of knowledge about modern marketing/communications/social media and all the technical competencies that accompany those fields? I'm looking for someone who can help me
-decide where to go next in my career,
-evaluate my strengths,
-prioritize the skills I should focus on developing,
-and overhaul my professional persona.

Preferably, I'm looking for recommendations of someone you've used who has delivered great results.

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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    You might want to check out Debra Feldman at . I've seen her in action over a decade or more, and she's the "real deal" -- a true executive talent agent. I believe she focuses mostly on senior executives, but she may have contacts (or associates) who specialize in specific areas. Worth an email message and/or phone call, to be sure. (Feel free to tell her how you found her. OK to use my name.)
  • Posted by telemoxie on Member
    I don't personally know anyone with those specific qualifications. If I were personally looking for someone, I would probably check twitter and LinkedIn. You might also want to find a LinkedIn group related to social media and post your question there. Good luck.

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