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Topic: Career/Training

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Mobile Phlebotomy Business

Posted by bloodhoundlab on 25 Points
I just started a mobile phlebotomy business. I am ready to work but I'm having everlasting dilemmas. First, I made my website and ordered cards. How do you get your first client? I mean, I've talked to my last employer manager and she said it will run great after I get a client. What approach do you use? It seems that the clinics I'm contacting already have a phlebotomy service.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Who specifically is likely to hire your services?
    How do they find someone like you?
    Why would they choose YOU?
  • Posted by alexa on Member
    Yours is one of the most common and important questions in business. The answer is that you're going to have to learn to market yourself - not just to that first client, but to every client thereafter.

    You're going to have to get to know who your potential clients are and what their needs are. What do they value in a provider like you? Where do they go to learn about/find services like the one you provide.

    Then you're going to have to find ways to get in front of those potential clients. There are countless ways to do that - cold calling, networking, advertising, blogging, social media marketing, etc. - and you have to learn what works for your business.

    And you're going to have to find ways to set yourself apart from your competition.

    Here's something that might help you get started:
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    "It seems that the clinics I'm contacting already have a phlebotomy service."

    Yes but do they have the best phlebotomy service for the right target audience in your area? Just having a phlebotomy service isn't saying much, and it certainly doesn't make me want to seek you out. Try again, with a focus on your unique reason-for-being and the compelling benefit you promise (and deliver).

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