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E-marketing For Beginners

Posted by ashleyc on 50 Points
To start, I am brand new to Marketing as a career. Lucky Duck that I am, I stand with a company that is willing to raise me up with them as they grow.

That being said, Relatively speaking I am about 12+ years behind the curve. Which means I'm scrambling to make heads and/or tails of what each moving part can do, the tools (I already need a bigger toolbox) and what they can do.

To get to the asking of my question...As a beginner unleashed into the marketing world, EMarketing seems to be of great import. There are blasts, chains, sequencing, and newsletters. Opt-ins and even the ability to buy leads with high conversions through a company who will construct, run, and deliver leads to your landing page.

How does one make sense of it all, and which is the "best" place for a newbie (still crawling) to start, learn, and otherwise impress the "guru-esque" powers that be?

Currently an Assistant
Aspiring to be boss at whatever position I excel at.

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  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    It is a big subject. If you are motivated and can handle self-education, you can start with books or online classes. If self-direction is a challenge, you might want to sign up for a live or on-line class.

    You might also want to do a general marketing class, not on0line specific.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Visit and search for appropriate courses, many of which are inexpensive and of decent quality.
  • Posted on Accepted
    The place to start when you are put into a new marketing position and you're a bit uncertain as to your future approach to the job is to make sure that you have confidence in your products and services. What sort evidence do you have in your company records as to customer acceptance of the products and services? How old is the evidence? Have competitors improved their products since your company last did a customer acceptance check? No matter how good your marketing efforts are, if your products and services are behind the eight-ball, you will never be able to guide your company to an optimum sales performance position.
  • Posted by ashleyc on Author
    thank you for awnsering @ Peter and Gary. Honestly, I have access to alot of classes, and plan on following up when i have a chance to breathe. I was hoping for a more direct approach in the meantime. Such as...a course or link that would take maybe a day or two to nail down the basics so that I can assist my executive in starting an email campaign, without making the blunders (I've already visited some of them). I don't think I was clear in that I have had no formal education or experience, and right now, at best, try to help instead of make more work for them .

  • Posted by ashleyc on Author
    @chiron34, okay. Well it sounds like you know what you are talking about, and I really appreciate your answer. As far as a Customer Test for our products and the records that may be useful.

    I don't disagree, however, in a 2 year old marketing company with less than 15 employees, and constantly changing service offerings, I don't believe that your solution there is applicable.

    Our products, although as I said are changing, or more accurately evolving often, are solid. It's more of the fact that as I mentioned in my comment previous to this one, that I am more than 12 years behind the ball, and trying to assist until someone better qualified can step in and fill the gaps. At that point I will have the time to take classes, and what-not.

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