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Career Advice - Logical / Analytical Personality

Posted by oliver.fitzpatrick on 125 Points
Hi all,

I was wondering whether you could help me with some career advice...

I’ve worked in marketing for around 6 years now, and I’m coming to a point where I want to hone-down on where I want to go in my career and steer it in the direction that I want. I believe if that you enjoy what you do and play to your strengths, you’re way more likely to succeed naturally.

My personality is less ‘chatty’ than many marketers I’ve met, and more logical. I’m probably a little more introverted than extrovert, which means I don’t naturally think about ways to communicate things via written word (although have learned to do so in my career so far). I’m guessing that would be a joke working in marketing in times gone by, but given the focus on data and technology today, I think the more logical and analytical personality types have a great role to play in the profession, and increasingly so. So for example, I love the idea of tweaking things to make them more efficient, setting up an automation path that leads to ROI, or exploring new technologies to make an impact.

I prefer analytics / technology / testing / proving ROI as opposed to the ‘front-facing’ comms side of things like content and social (not saying I’m bad at the latter, just prefer the former! Also I dare say that an understanding of marketing on a holistic level is important in any role). I’d also really like to learn more about the role of AI in marketing, as it’s no secret that this will become increasingly important.

I assume these functions of marketing (automation, technology, AI, analytics) are all inter-related in many roles? Or would you say they are all very different and I need to select one?

Do you have any advice about how I swing my career into these types of roles? So far I have worked generalist digital marketing roles (SEO, PPC, social, content, web CMS, projects, etc.). Any advice on courses I could take or things I can do to improve my chances of going down this route?

Thanks in advance for your input :)
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  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Accepted
    The specialization aspect depends a lot on whether you choose to work in large or small companies. In large companies you could specialize yourself into some cog (maybe a very important cog, but a cog nonetheless) whereas in a smaller company you could be responsible for making projects happen.
  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    I'm curious, where are you working now? Are you working for a small company, or a large company? Are you working for a marketing agency, or an end-user company? Do you have experience with business-to-business marketing, or business to consumer, business to government?
  • Posted by oliver.fitzpatrick on Author
    I’ve worked mostly in smaller companies, always in-house as I’ve never been interested in agency due to long hours and the front-facing sales (pitching / account management) aspect of it.
  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since there hasn't been much recent activity.

    Thanks for participating!


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