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Trade Show Action Plan Activity

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Good Day
I have to create an action plan from a Simple Gantt Chart that is required to schedule and included on it are the activities that needs to be done before and during the trade show. i would like to seek feedback on these action plans,and I have posted a summary explanation of the action plans.

the instructions for this assignment:

*The first action plan required is to schedule what activities need to be done before the trade show. This should be done using a Gantt chart to include timelines and costs that are realistic and consistent with budget resources.
*The second action plan will be developed for any promotional activities during the trade show. This must take into consideration the cultural aspects and features of the audience.

To briefly explain my action plan:

*The action plan before the tradeshow suggests different activities that will help the organisation to circulate the information about the participation of the organisation in the international trade show. The organisation will print the brochures which talk about participation. Due to this participation activities, the activities within the organisation will increase a lot and in order to manage all that the organisation will recruit new employees as well. The company is also opting for arranging the airfare for all the people who are going to the exhibition in China. Besides that, there should be proper accommodation for the employees of the organisation. But at the initial stage, the employees who are going on behalf of the organisation will be chosen by the organisation. These are the basic activities that will be done by the organisation before going to the trade show.

*The second action plan summarises all the different activities that will be done in the course of the trade show. There is a huge difference between the first action plan and the second action plan and that is the proposed time frame. Before the trade show, the organisation will have a lot of time but in the case of the action plan during the show, the organisation will get the least time to execute all the activities that are intended to be implemented. That is the reason why the time duration of each of the activities is very low. This action plan deals with the product presentation and the different activities like distributing the previously printed brochures. The presentation of the product is very important because it deals with the basic overview of the product that the audience of the trade show needs to know. Analysis of the current trends, cultural aspects in the also important activity of the organisation which is very important to carry out to incorporate the strategies related to them. This will make the organisation relatable towards the audience. These are the activities that will be carried out according to the second action plan.

i have include a link for my action plan please review and give your feedback.Any constructive feedback on adding or configurations of structure/presentation or changes in the drafts will be appreciated.
thank you.!AtizgiNK-vEmh0USO0dS4nFPrLNz?e=k8Cptu
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  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    This is at least the seventh such question on this forum in recent weeks. What holes do YOU think your outline has? What would you add if you were to put yourself in the shoes of someone attending the trade show?
  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    Personally, my preference is to give you advice or options on how to do the work, rather than doing the work for you.

    Regarding "how to do the work" you might begin by googling "how to organize for a trade show" and reading 100 plus websites and watch a dozen videos. Good luck.

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