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The tradeshow for Penfolds Company to performance is the International Bulk Wine and Spirits show London. The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show (IBWSS) London is one of the largest European trade show to connect buyers to producers who offer private label wine, spirits, bulk wine, bulk spirits and contract manufacturing solutions. IBWSS London will give supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, wineries, distilleries and other buyers a premier international platform to source bulk wine and spirits and meet private label suppliers. Stay on top of bulk wine trends and find new opportunities by connecting with the world's biggest bulk wine, bulk spirits, and private label suppliers.
IBWSS London also comes with a 2-day action-packed conference whose mission is to provide bulk wine, bulk spirits and private label professionals with actionable insights on how to grow the bottom line. IBWSS London is organized by Beverage Trade Network.
Join the industry on March 16-17, 2021 in London, UK
With all the major European wine producing countries predicting a return to healthy or above average harvests in 2021, buyers are going to be holding all the cards again when it comes to choosing where they go for their supplies. So it makes it even more important they are on top of the latest bulk wine and market trends. This March’s, the second annual IBWSS show in London hopes to provide some of those answers.

2.2 Trade show’s objectives

The tradeshow that the company will participate in is the International Bulk Wine and Spirits show London. The use of this trade show has some objectives which are targeted on the company. The first objective for this trade show will be the increase of the presence of the company to the international market selected and also making the company products familiar to the people as he show involves a huge number of people. The other objective for this trade show is to increase the number of sales the company makes. In that this trade show is aimed at the international market more so in the European Union, this means that the company will have new customers and this will help in increasing the number of sales (Najfeld et al., 1980 pg. 543-549). This is also attributed to the increase in the company profits which comes out of increase in customers hence forming the third objective for this trade show participation. The next objective for the trade show is to help in increasing the company to get a network for example in getting the retailers for the wines which it produces since there are a number of retailers who always attend the International Bulk Wine and Spirits show London. Lastly, the trade show will also help Penfolds in gathering information from vendors in the industry and help the company in improving its distribution channel.
2.3 Trade show’s audience

The International Bulk Wine and Spirits show London will involve a large number of people from all parts of the world. This includes those who have a better say in the wine distribution in most countries and also those who are more popular. There will be also people invited from various countries more so those who love wine and they will be the main target audience in the exhibition, to make them take the Penfolds wine brands as their first choice brand.
2.4 International business networks
The International Bulk Wine and Spirits show London trade show will be implemented by the assistance of the international business networks. The international business networks which will assist in the implementation of the promotional activities include; Alibaba Company which is one of the largest online trading companies and this will create a good network of people as the customers for the company wines and also in creating presence about the company wines. According to Smith et al., (2003 403-418), the exhibition will also use the Enterprise Europe Network which will help in getting a connection with the correct international partners in distribution more so in the European Union for the companies which exist in the wine production industry.

The relationship with this international business networks will be established through an online engagement with their public relations managers and also through a direct engagement through the meetings which will be arranged to share on the same. The relationship will be conducted in a manner that there will be a contract signed and also have the agreements written down for the cooperation. The relationship will also be conducted by ensuring trust and cooperation with this networks and also working with them closely to also achieve their targets.

3. Business Objectives
In regard to the manner in which Penfolds Wine Company operates, the trade show aligns with the company business marketing goals in a number of ways. The exhibition will increase the number of customers that the company will be getting in the sale of its wine products and this aligns with the company marketing objective which is aimed at increasing the number of customers or the company. The exhibition will also help increasing the sales of the company on its products similar with the marketing objective which is targeting to increase the number of wine sales through the international market that it aims at (Heron and Penfold, 1996 pg. 357-390). The trade show will make the company to be more familiar or else increasing presence of the company and that aligns to the company marketing objective which is aimed at increasing its presence in the international market hence leading to more sales which reflects on the increase in profits.

4. Action Plans
4.1 First Action Plan
The first action plan shows the activities which needs to be undertaken first before the commencement of the trade show. This activities are as indicated in the Gantt chart below.
Activity Timelines Costs
Getting the air tickets 1/3/2021-7/3/2021
Printing Brochures 8-9/3/2021 $250
Sourcing the Campaign materials 10/3/2021
11/3/2021 $4000
Getting the Premises for the exhibition 12/3/2021-13/3/2021 $20

4.2 Second Action Plan
This action plan caters for any promotional activities involved during the trade show as indicated in the Gantt chart below.

Activity Timelines
Product presentation 14/3/2021
Distribution of Brochures 15/3/2021
Networking 16/3/2021

Cultural aspects 17/3/2021

5. Roles and Responsibilities for delivery of promotional services

5.1 Staffing domestic
The responsibilities will be the communication of the company products to various people and families who will be willing to buy the company wines in the International Bulk Wine and Spirits show London show. This is mainly because there is a deeper understanding of the clients and they can reach the clients in an easier way (Herbig et al., 1997 pg. 368-382). Another responsibility will be the creation of a large network for the company in order to make the promotional activity more successive in the show.

5.2 Exhibition Liaison International
The main responsibility will be; ensuring that the exhibition is being carried out in regard to the plan and expectation of the company and following the show rules and regulations. This will also conduct all the involved parts of the exhibition and make it a success. Lastly, it will lay out a strategy in regard to the manner that this promotional activity will take and acting as the oversight role in regard to this exhibition.
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    The objectives (both 2.2 and 3.0) aren't clearly quantified.
    The target audience isn't clearly identified.
    The targets for the international business networks aren't stated.
    Action plan is missing clear ROI measurement, training, sufficient lead time, strategy of booth presence, followup, etc.
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