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Posted by naomi.stringfield on 125 Points
I'm working on the prerequisites for your course "A Scientific Approach to Metrics, Measurement, and Marketing ROI." In the "Prerequisite" module, instructions are given to copy-paste some code into RStudio in order to install a bunch of packages. However, when I do this I get an awful lot of "failure" messages. Is the code old? Are there alternate instructions? How should I proceed with the course?
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  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    Naomi, it sounds like you haven't installed the devtools package. You'll need to do that before running the R download.

    Chris Penn very quickly goes over devtools in the Prerequisites module, around 1 minute 30 with the info. If you don't have CRM data yet, he shows a sample code you can pick up.

    There are also written instructions online here:

    Download the devtools package first, then try the R install again.

    And... in the future, please send your questions to rather than posting here. This discussion a community of marketers who help with marketing-related dilemmas.

    Closing this question, everyone!

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