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Action Plan For Promotion At Trade Show

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This action plan is developed for the promotional activities to be conducted during the trade show. These activities include various cultural and social aspects-
• Product presentation- It includes presenting the products of the company in the trade show. The chocolates, liquorice and other products of the company are presented in a unique way to target the prospective customers.
• Distributing brochures- Various pamphlets and brochures are distributed among the people of the show. These brochures include the information about the chocolates and liquorice such as their flavours, colours, ingredients, price and many more.
• Tradeshow giveaways- The trade show can include various live shows, games and activities. The winners of these will get the chocolate and various hampers in the form of gifts and giveaways.
• Networking- It includes creating a network which connects the people to the product. This must be done while taking into considerations the age group, gender, taste and preferences of the consumers.
• Cultural aspects- The cultural aspects could be the customs, rituals, practices, religion followed by different people. The product must be promoted such that is fulfil the needs of the different type of consumers and must be in accordance to their believes and practices.
• Features of the audience- The trade show will consist of different type of audience who will be of different areas, different age groups and features. So, our product must be promoted in such a way that it targets all the types of audience.
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  • Posted by chiron34 on Member
    You are talking in generalities by using 'motherhood' statements. If you have a specific trade show that you want to participate in, then you need to provide details of the trade show, along with details of the products or services you want to promote.

    If this is a school or college assignment that you need help with, you have posted it to the wrong section of KHE.
  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    The MarketingProfs Know-How Exchange is NOT here for student homework assignments. Please pass that "comment" along to your RMIT University lecturer.

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