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To Check If Action Plan For Trade Show Is Good

Posted by architbaijal on 250 Points
This is an action plan for the trade show, would like to check if it is good or not.
12 months, prior to the trade show
• Set the budget.
• Research your audience.
6 months, prior to the trade show
• Prepare booth graphics.
• Marketing and sales materials should be prepared in advance including handouts and broachers.
• Confirm the even registration.
• Contact a professional photographer to be present during the show.
• Visas, passports and other travelling documents of the whole team should be ready.
2 months, prior to the trade show
• Start advertising for your presence in the show.
• Get cleared on the travelling expenses of the whole team.
The day of the show
• Execute the plans that had been made earlier.
• Have enough food and water to work swiftly through the day.
• All the contacts collected during the show keep them in safe hands.

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  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    The MarketingProfs Know-How Exchange is NOT here for student homework assignments. Please pass that "comment" along to your lecturer.

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