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Trade Show Actions

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For the future trade show in Shanghai, suppose we are Blackmores’ managers and planning for this tradeshow. Firsly, we set up the budget for the whole tradeshow is around $20,000, including:
Renting booth: $4000 for two weeks
Design and Setting up Booth and Displays: $7000
Prepare Gifts, Collaterals and Brochures: $6000.
Pay for staff: $3000.
We start planning process from 23rd November 2020 and divide into 3 sections, including
Appoint Coordinator
Choose trade show
Choose size and location
Setup Budget
Draw up the list of participants
Send mail to customers
Renting Booth
Order, Design and Set up Booth and Displays
Prepare Brochures, Collaterals and Gifts
Rehearse Presentation
Show time:
Presentations and Sales
Send gifts and get customer’s contacts
Packaging and Shipping
Close the booth and summarize
End of tradeshow.
That’s all our plans and actions before and during the trade show. Hopefully, everyone can give me some feedback and recommendation to build up a better one.
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    The MarketingProfs Know-How Exchange is NOT here for student homework assignments. Please pass that along to your classmates.

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