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Action Plan Promoted By Boost Juice Exhibition

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Hello everyone, I am now a student and I am currently doing an assignment for Boost Juice Exhibition Promotion Report.
I made two action plans. One is about arranging activities that need to be carried out before the exhibition, and the other is about promotional activities during the exhibition. The first action plan is to plan the exhibition process and formulate a budget. Book a booth. Determine the sales volume of the product, required documents, exhibition brochure design, exhibition lighting requirements, and booth space requirements. Develop a marketing plan and start the marketing plan. Arrange staff training. Order gifts or promotional items. Print brochures. Air tickets and accommodation need to be booked later. Contact the event sponsor and confirm the completion of the booth display. Check whether all the steps on the timeline are covered.
The second action plan is the activities during the exhibition. The staff of Boost Juice should actively distribute brochures and introduce the brand's products to the audience in front of the exhibition area. Guide the audience to browse different drinks and provide them to the audience to taste. According to the different characteristics of the audience, the staff should make suggestions on their diet or products. For example, viewers who like to exercise but cannot eat foods with high sugar content can recommend nutritious celery juice to help eliminate toxins. Finally, give the audience a small gift and establish a network with the audience to promote future exchanges of ideas and maintain long-term relationships.
The above are my two action plans. I sincerely hope that you can give me some feedback and suggestions for better improvement.Thank you very much.
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  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    You might want to add:

    Audition and choose your on-site talent. Train them, drill them, and test them. Bring in a mystery shopper to see how the training has stuck BEFORE your big event. These people will be representing the brand. What happens once attendees have sampled the product? Do they just go off on their merry way? What steps will you need to put in place to reconnect with booth attendees after the show? Will you collect names and email addresses for some kind of prize draw? What about free samples for attendees to take with them? What about money off coupons for onsite purchases?

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