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Give Activities Need To Be Done Before Trade Show

Posted by s3696839 on 250 Points
Please give me some Suggestions on my pre-exhibition preparation plan and the promotion activities I proposed and put forward the areas I need to improve.
Preparation before the exhibition:
First, the sponsors should be allowed to select a site to complete in the first week at an estimated cost of $149,600. Next, the organizer should select and prepare the products for the exhibition, which will take about two weeks. Then the planning committee will make the brochure of the exhibition. The preparation time is expected to be two weeks, and the estimated cost is $1200. Then, the secretary books the tickets and flies to the destination. The tickets are estimated at $2,310 for 15 people. Then we arrive at the hotel and check in, which is handled by temporary staff. The budget is around $1050. Then, for the upcoming exhibition, temporary staff go to set up the booth, which costs about $800 and takes two weeks. Check in the last week to confirm the final process.

Promotion activities during product activities:
To do a good job in sales promotion and promotion, the first thing we need to do is to identify the target. The goal determines the direction. The fundamental purpose of the activity is to promote sales, improve brand awareness in the local area, and enhance the influence of dealers on local consumers to cultivate potential customers. Secondly, plan the theme of the activity. A good theme is the most powerful weapon to attract consumers, and capturing the hearts of consumers is the key point of our promotional activities. Understand customers' preferences and preferences and take advantage of them. Finally, in practice, we can publicize our products in the form of advertisements or leaflets, so as to expand the popularity of our products and cultivate potential consumers. We can also hire some stars or artists to endorse our brand, so as to increase our popularity.
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    What is the objective? How will you measure effectiveness? What does success look like?

    We need to understand the criteria by which your efforts will be evaluated.
  • Posted by s3696839 on Author
    The objective is to select an Australian institution that intends to or is currently operating internationally and demonstrate the ability to plan and arrange promotional activities for the proposed international trade show in an international business environment. Develop a marketing and promotion programme for Australian institutions to promote their products/services through participation in trade shows in selected international markets. The criterion of success is attracting more consumers and potential consumers.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    You haven't explained how you'll prove success with your activities. Are your KPIs aligned with corporate KPIs? Are there case studies or white papers that underscore your theories? Your plan as described is vague ("plan the theme," "publicize our products," and "hire some stars").
  • Posted by s3696839 on Author
    It doesn't need to be so specific.I just want you to give some Suggestions according to the steps of the exhibition, such as what should be added and improved in addition to the items I listed above, whether the budget price is reasonable, and whether my promotion method can cultivate more potential consumers. If not, please give me Suggestions and Suggestions for improvement.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    "It doesn't need to be so specific."

    Er? Are you sure about that?

    Think very carefully before you answer because Jay is giving you serious clues to prevent you from falling flat on your face.

    And before we go any farther, just know that someone posted a very similar question about ten days ago, for a juice product at a trade show.

    From my perspective, much of your narrative reads like it's been copied and pasted from an assignment, the logic of which is either flawed or based on thinking that's less than original, probably both. This is setting you up to fail and sadly, you've just triggered a trap—entered, if you will—an escape room.

    So, right now you have a choice.

    1. You can carry on down the track you're on, which I don't recommend.


    2. You can backtrack and think like a customer instead of thinking like a planner.

    I see at least eight issues with your "Promotion activities during product activities" segment.

    My challenge to you now is to reverse engineer things and to come back with the issues you see that either need improvement or that need to be completely reworked.

    As things stand the logic is flawed which means you won't help the outcome.

    Your "Promotion activities during product activities" segment reads as if you're being set up to fail. However, with a modicum of original thinking and good old sleuthing on your part, you can save the day and get things back on track.

  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since there hasn't been much recent activity.

    Thanks for participating!


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