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Thesis Topic For Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

Posted by mominanadeem on 250 Points
Hi, I am a student of Fashion Marketing & Merchandising in my 4th year and I have to select a thesis topic. I was hoping to get some opinion on what type of topic should be taken that would be approved immediately.
We have to find a market gap in the industry and have to propose a line or category extension with some brand. For thesis, we have to study the working of that brand and utilize their actual data, we have to come up with a marketing plan as well, I searched alot but could not find anything new or different. I hope to get something from here.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    What company, country, or target market, and/or niche are you interested in?
    What specifically is your dream job after your graduate?
  • Posted by mominanadeem on Author
    Sorry, I forgot to give all the information. Country is Pakistan which has somewhat similar audience to India. The company can either a fashion or lifestyle brand and we have to do a line/ category or brand extension. it can be a luxury brand or any local mass market brand. the problem is to find a unique idea which fulfill a market gap.
    About the dream job, I want to be a marketer for a leading retail brand here in my country.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    What local brands excite you, your friends, and/or your family?
    What do you wish they would do better/differently?
    Think of your thesis as an interview opportunity to get to know a company better. You'll be reaching out to the company for details, researching their brand, and when you're ready, sharing your thesis with them to interest them in you.
    Are there obvious brand extensions that others are doing elsewhere in the world? Are there natural co-marketing opportunities with other companies (either locally or globally)? Is there a way to take their offerings and with a small change, adapt them to a new target market?
  • Posted by jkmikaglam on Member
    I wanted to join a Fashion Designer as an Intern.. Will that be a good option to start career
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted

    Perhaps. Where are you located? Do you have any relevant work experience? Formal education? Why might a fashion designer want to take you on as an intern? What can you offer a prospective mentor/employer?


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