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The Adsense Ads Are Not Appearing On My Website's

Posted by lonesonmondo on 250 Points
I have a news blog that has an Adsense account. The Adsense ads are not appearing on my website's stories. Sometimes one has to refresh the page for the ads to appear. I have asked this question on Adsense forum but I still have the same problem. Sometimes no ads appear on my stories even after refreshing the page were the story is. Has anyone faced this kind of a problem and how can I overcome this challenge?
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    The first time I went to the site, no ads showed. Looking at your code, all appears correct. I then turned on network tracing of your page, and ads were appearing. My first thought is that it's related to dns-prefetch, and your website has a timing issue with the prefetch not completing in time for the ad to show the first time, but on refresh the fetch the cache is good. But this is just a guess and would require a reliable test case to debug the problem to prove the fix.
  • Posted by raulcurtis on Member
    If your site is new in google adsense probably take 4 days in appear, or just need to check de code in your html

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