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I have created a Gantt chart for one of my assignments. I have been requested to make two separate charts for a trade show that will be taking place at the end of the month. The first chart was used to help predict the time frame for specific jobs responsible for the setup of the show. I was aiming to be as realistic as possible with the amount of time I allocated. Jobs for this included planning the budget, booking space, setting up, making sure seating arrangements for complete. The second Gantt chart was for general advertising and promotion. This included tasks such as researching the audience, creating business cards, and promoting online. I am in need of feedback about my Gantt charts preferably from someone who specializes in International marketing to tell me how effective these charts can be and where to possibly improve on.
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    One of the big advantages of a well-planned Gantt chart is that it forces you to think through the timing and budget before you begin to devote serious time and money to the project. This will give you an early warning system if you start to go over budget or to figure out what you might add if you find extra budget later on. It will also give you a heads-up if you are falling behind on the schedule so you can add staff or work nights and weekends.
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