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Dear teachers, I am a freshman and I am working on a marketing plan for an Australian brand fruit juice to be exhibited in the Japan International Food Trade Fair.
I've made two plans so far. One is the work arrangement that needs to be completed before the exhibition, and the other is the promotion activity plan that needs to be completed during the exhibition.
1- Pre-exhibition work arrangement:
I think the first thing to do is to get familiar with the requirements of the whole exhibition, such as whether there are restrictions on height, lighting and site layout.
Second, establish a marketing team, define the marketing objectives and objectives, and on this basis determine the target sales of products and the required documents, including: contract template, the number of exhibition visitors' brochures and business cards, gift selection and gift quantity.
Third, complete staff training, select talents who can conduct bilingual sales on site, test and train them.
Fourthly, we should establish an online community or group chat, collect the emails or social accounts such as Face Book of potential customers, and ensure that we can have two-way contact with potential customers after the event.
Fifth, carefully check that everything in the plan is done.

2 - needs to be completed during the period of exhibition planning: during the show, I will choose those who have the talent on the exhibition of bilingual sales and customers to communicate across, lead to different consumer potential customers or audience to taste and browse our different products, such as a diabetic, we can recommend her to try some sugar-free vegetable juice. Finally, we are responsible for building an online community, such as an email or a social network account, so that we can have two-way contact with our audience.

The above are my two current plans. I am looking forward to your valuable opinions and feedbacks so that I can better improve my plans. Thank you very much!
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