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Content Creation Evolution With A Cdp

Posted by hougen.jenna on 250 Points
I'm doing research on the Customer Data Platform (CDP) and how competitor companies have revamped their content creation strategies because of it. Now that our team is able to segment audiences based on first party data, we are now faced with the challenge of creating new, personalized content for these audiences. The problem is that our marketing team isn't designed to take in this need for more, new content. We are exploring modular content but aren't at the stage to implement it quite yet. Does anyone have any experience with the CDP in their company? How did you solve for the new need for more, personalized content? Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    You may get some insights into the application of a CDP program here: I am afraid that you will really have to work this out on your organisation's own situation and future development criteria. In my understanding of the application of a CDP, what is good for one company is not usually easily transferable to another company and to do that, in some cases, could even be detrimental to your objectives, I would follow the HubSpot advice in the first instance. I am not associated with HubSpot in any way and am just mentioning it because not only do they give you the basis of an implementation schedule but they provide a follow up advisory service.

    But keep watching here as my knowledgeable colleagues here on KHE may also have some advice for you.
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    Hi Everyone,

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