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Website For New Restaurant

Posted by c_gabriel99 on 500 Points
Opening a new restaurant that will initially be open for lunch twice a week with a grand opening coming up.

Goal is walkins and catering orders.

Website recently competed and any advice is welcome.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Some quick thoughts:
    • Since you have a domain name, use a corresponding email address (, for example) rather than a gmail.
    • The website does not appear to be responsive (does it adjust for different devices - desktop screens, tablet screens, smart phones, etc.)
    • Since this is all about Egyptian street food - what make people LOVE eating this? Is it low calorie, spicier, more nutrient dense, or... ?
    • Rather than focusing on Marianne, focus on the food/dining experience.
    • Clicking on a dish shows a description, but it's hard to read, and there's not information to tell me what's so wonderful about the dish.
    • Are any of the meals vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.?
    • The images seem to take a LONG time to load.
    • Are the items the full menu? Is it intentional that prices aren't shown?
    • Mentioning the mini-donuts business seems confusing.
  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    Being open just 2 days a week is a challenge, as you need to make sure people know about this. But popups are hip nowadays - so perhaps talk this up as a popup as part of taking about the scheduling. Given the internet could be accessed from anywhere, I think it would be good to add ", FL." to the descriptive paragraph at the top where it says "in partnership with Charlies Mini Donuts and Coffee, in south Lakeland." I suspect there are towns called Lakeland in other areas of the country. Without this, it would only be at the far bottom of the page where they would see the address.

    There is a probably a disconnect between working out of a donut shop and the picture of Marianne at a white table clothed table. People don't generally connect donut shops and fine dining. Not sure how to handle this.

    The pictures of the food/drinks could be turned into a slider that rotates through them all in one spot on the page. You'd need to add the food item name, and maybe a short version of the description, as text in the image itself.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Given your limited availability to serve lots of people, you might want to focus more on the catering side of the business. Tailor your copy to the needs and concerns of party hosts. Let them know you understand their needs. Advertise in the places they would look. Zero in on the keywords they would use in a search.

    As for the existing website, the dinner plates look great, but it isn't until I get to the end of that long page that I learn you offer catering. You need a stronger call-to-action.

    Check out your competition by searching for "catering lakeland florida." That may give you some ideas.

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