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"my Lesson In A Box" Website. Would You Buy?

Posted by Colette on 250 Points
I run an eLearning company and many times our clients are overwhelmed with the daunting task of creating an eLearning course.
I created "My Lesson in the Box" service to provide an inexpensive, quick and effortless way to build mini-courses in just a few weeks.
Here is the website.

The client fills out a simple form and we do the rest, including the content.
I hope to launch this service soon and need feedback on these concerns.
1. Is the website easy to understand and easy to navigate?
2. Do you think the call to action is obvious, to pick a package?
3. Is there anything I'm missing or should change?
4. Does this concept encourage you to consider being an Instructor?
5. Do you have any marketing tips you could suggest to help me gain clients or subscribers?
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Thank you all!
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    (Aside: you have a typo throughout the website: "Exetuitive Plan")

    It's unclear who would want what you're offering, what a deliverable looks like, and how you're best positioned to deliver amazing ROI.

    Your 3 plans only seem to differ based on word count, but that's not something that's obvious to your potential customer. Are more words better? Who provides the words?

    The mini-samples look very much alike, so I worry that what you deliver will be based on a template and there's not opportunity to customize/differentiate.

    Finally, your proposition is "Creating Your Course Has Never Been So Easy." Is your imagined pain point someone doesn't know where to start or that someone doesn't know how to leverage this to actually make money?
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    How will MLIAB benefit people in your target audience? Who is in your target audience? How will their lives be better? Will they make more money? Will their marketing be more effective/efficient? In short, what compelling benefit will they realize when they do whatever you want them to do?

    The copy on the website strikes me as a solution looking for a problem. You need to identify the target audience clearly and then promise them a benefit they will find important.

    P.S. Jay's question about word count is important. Why would you charge more for a higher word count? It should be the reverse. It's much more difficult to create shorter word count for greater impact.
  • Posted by Colette on Author
    Thank you! Very helpful. I really appreciate it. :).

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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