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Where Can I Source Turnkey E-newsletter Mailing?

Posted by Chris Blackman on 1250 Points
I want to offer periodic e-newsletters to clients and prospects.

Does anyone know of any systems or shrink-wrapped packages out there I can deploy via my company website to manage automated e-mail transmissions with double opt-in, unsubscribe and subject matter preferences?

What are the pitfalls of setting up such systems? Should I be outsourcing this to a separate company, and if I do that can anyone recommend someone who will allow me to retain my company's branding on the users accessible pages?

Please note I am not looking for addresses or blind-type listings: I have some addresses, through a separate campaign I want to grow the list organically and ethically through user self-subscription.


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  • Posted on Accepted

    Not knowing your in-house capabilities, this is a recommendation for a third party. Take a look at They do an excellent job, have a sound customer base and great reputation. Their newsletter system is probably the best I have seen.

    Best wishes
  • Posted by darcy.moen on Accepted
    There are a few out there my friend. By 'Shrink wrapped', you mean you want to buy off the shelf? Its the digital age man, boxes are so passe!

    Anyhow, to the serious side.

    Is your web server equiped with PHP and mySQL? There are some great tools out there that will do all you want, but ther require PHP and the data base system mySQL. Most server's have this installed today, so ask your web guy if you have this on your rack already.

    Check out for a product called Oi! Oi! is an email system that insalles into your server, and can handle multiple lists. You can set up Oi! mailing lists upon interest lines, user lines, whatever. Its very flexible. Its also very expensive. I've used it, and I like it.

    If you are looking for features, and don't mind spending two hundred bucks, check out for a product called OEM express or OEM Pro. Both are solid systems. is another system I've used. Nice, and solid. A bit more money to buy. is a system I've set up a few clients with. I like it. The tools they give you to write your messages with is awesome, and the link tracking and bounce system rocks. This one is a favorite, but not the only club in my bag. is a new entrant. I haven't used this one, but is looks very nice. 39 bucks to 199.00 for a licence. Reasonable. is another good system. Its currently a blended free and commercial system. Very nice, very easy to use, and multple lists.

    If you want something lower cost, check out the open source tools out there. You get less support, but, for the grand sum of 'FREE', you get an e-mail marketing system with all the features of commercial systems. is a good one I've used myself, and for clients. Free download. Free to use. If you spend a few hours learning it, you'll be happy with it. Its as flexible as you need, and for FREE, how can you go wrong?

    I have a selection of tools that are also opensource, and plug into the opensource content management system I advocate for my web hosting clients. If you have a web site, and are using a Content Management System, please respond privately to me which CMS you are using, and I'll tell you which plug ins to get. If you are not using a CMS on your website, you may be spending too much on your website development fees. I'm getting commercial here, so I'd better get back on track.

    Now, if you are looking for 'hosted' systems, you may want to look at Constant Contact, or ExactTarget. I know both companies, and used them both. They don't fit your request of 'self hosted' and 'install on my own server', but to be fair, I mention them as viable alternatives should you decide to outsource.

    There are more, but I think I've pretty much covered the bases.

    I do web and email marketing consulting. I also do some web hosting. If you find my response 'Points Worthy', I appreciate it. If you need further advice or services, please keep me in mind for you needs. This is as high pressure as my sales techniques get.

    Darcy Moen
    Customer Loyalty Network
  • Posted by ROIHUNTER on Accepted
    I strongly recomend as a solution to go with. Pricing and capability would match your needs.

    For small to medium sized organizations, this has become my tool or choice.
  • Posted by Pepper Blue on Accepted

    You're kidding me, this is no problem, unless I'm missing something between the lines, I can take care of you.

    Contact me, we need to "talk".......

    Tim Pepper
  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Author
    Thanks all, will explore some/all the suggestions.

    BTW "shrink wrapped" is just a figure of speech. Not really keen on packaging at all, save the trees and plastic for better uses, OK?


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