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Getting A Response From E-mails!

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I sell an intangible( Transportation Services- Trucking/Rail). I've cut my e-mail message in half to statements like i.e.."Would you be interested in making your company more competitive?" or "What are you looking for in a carrier?" or "Are you having any current transportation issues we can address?" Sometimes I get a response back stating that they are always looking to be more competitive. So I email them back to fact find and I don't get much response and at times not even a reply. Do I just move on? Any suggestions?
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  • Posted by Pepper Blue on Accepted
    Hi lriddle,

    You are just one of a hundred emails they get every day and what you are presenting to them is not even close to being compelling enough for them to engage with you.

    You need to work at developing these relationships over a period of time. Put together a strategy, just like putting together a marketing plan for a business, and then treat it like a business because it is.

    Get familiar with "integrated marketing" and use this to spin a web around these prospects so that over a period of time they will associate you with solving their pains when they are looking for a new vendor.

    BTW, there are hundreds of similar questions that have been asked here on the forum, spend some time searching and reading and you will get a lot of great ideas on how to put together and execute that "marketing plan".

    I hope that helps!

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