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From Employee To Self-employed In 60 Seconds!

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The compnay I worked for was sold to a competitor and closed its doors. While I have a reasonable buy out package, it's not something I can retire on. I'm over 50, and believe that my age works against me in terms of finding another full time employer regardless of what the law says.

I've been able to replace about 40% of my income in the first 90 days with projects from companies that have contacted me -- i.e. I haven't been advertising or soliciting work.

I know I'm having difficulty transitioning to the "gun for hire" mentality, and the fact that I will not be able to financially plan like I was able to with a steady income. Part of the reason for that is because I don't know what to expect.

Any ideas on where I can go for useful, to the point advice that I can immediatly apply relative to the emotional aspects of starting out on your own. I have plenty of practical advice on the mechanics of starting a business. It's the gigantic ulcer forming *Right Now* in my stomach that is troublesome.

I have 20+ years of direct marketing and database building experience in the US and Japan, about half in FMCG and insurance products. Currently I'm based in Tokyo, but I'm not married to the city.

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    Hi Mensh. No worries. I'll close this thread and refund your points for it.



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