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E-gaming Industry - Dissertation Topic Help

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I will be focusing my dissertation on the e-gaming industry.

Can anyone suggest any dissertation titles? Areas which sprung to mind are consumer behaviour/technology/mktg comms.

Would be grateful for any suggestions.
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  • Posted on Accepted
    Hello laura_sardo ,
    Before you think of a topic these are some pointers:

    1. What do you want to solve?
    2. What is the problem you would like to find a solution for?
    3. Are you passionate about your topic?

    Here are some links you can check out that will give you some more information on how to choose a dissertation topic.

  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Member
    OHHHHHHh!!! I love this topic!!!

    You could research how games like sony's Everquest 2, Final fantasy IX. world of warcraft. Then look at how people interact when online as there virtual selves with other users.

    Or look at the fact that the currency in EverQuest is the 17th most valuable in the world (it is worth more than the Japanese yen!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    You could research how people that "hack" servers to play morpgs 'i think that's the acronym, it stands for online games that can only be played online)

    You could look at how online gamer are treated when they are new to the online world. Lots of people attack newbies i.e. N00bs.

    You could look at how people KILL other people for real when there online character is killed.

    You could look at the ways in which the online games are marketed (there are lots of older people e.g. in there 40's) to people in older age groups.

    etc etc.....

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