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Yahoo Email Deliver Avoiding The Bulk Filter

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We have several email newsletters and are working on dramatically improving deliverability to the yahoo! inbox. Any tips, tricks and ideas that you have would be greatly appreciated.
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    Get people to add you to there white list in there yahoo account.
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    A simple and good approach:

    1. check your newsletter content. is a good place to begin with.

    2. In your list, try to distribute yahoo/hotmail/aol addresses in such a way that you send 5 mails per 30 minutes or more so that the mail servers dont blacklist your IP (Usually, if the servers recognize mails coming from a certain mail server, they block it for 15-20 minutes) During this time your newsletter gets delivered into the bulk folder, or in worst case they bounce back.

    These 2 things should help. (Speaking out of practical experience)


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