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Marketing Automation and CRM Consultant

Posted on 9/27/2012
Company: DemandLab LLC
Location: PA-Philadelphia United States of America
Job Type: Full Time Employee
Education: Bachelors Degree
Experience: 4-6 years
Pay Rate: N/A
Contact: Rhoan Morgan
Contact at:
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Job Description

The Marketing Automation and CRM Consultant is responsible for client engagements such as the development and implementation of nurture programs, scoring programs, trigger based communications, general email campaigns, reporting and analytics, system integrations, as well as strategic advisory in area of expertise.

Qualified applicants will possess a background in demand generation or marketing operations, with demonstrated expertise in Marketo (or other marketing automation platform) and

This is a client facing role that will interact with key internal and external stakeholders to understand and synthesize a client’s business need, develop key requirements based on this discovery, ensure acceptance and approval of these requirements and facilitate the completion of a client engagement through project management, strategic advisory and hands-on execution services.

This job may be held from your home office anywhere in the US.


Marketing Automation and CRM programming
* Develop and deploy automated email campaigns
* Design and implement advanced nurture programs
* Design and implement lead scoring models
* Create forms and landing pages to support acquisition and engagement marketing programs
* Document processes and procedures for client marketing efforts and programs
* Manage and execute system deployment and integration projects
* Administer client marketing automation platform
* Recommend strategy and provide execution on database management
* Provide lead management and lifecycle strategy and implementation via marketing automation and CRM platforms
* Provide strategic and execution support on various programs within or similar CRM
* Use a creative and innovative approach to leverage marketing automation platforms for projects such as: developing end-to-end email preferences centers, microsites, event forms, deeper systems and information integrations, etc.

Reporting and Data Analysis
* Create basic and custom reports within the marketing automation platform as well as a CRM (e.g.,
* Provide revenue focused reporting on all programs and marketing efforts within MAP and/or CRM
* Analyze data and provide recommendations for improvements to client marketing programs
* Create report dashboards

Project Management
* Create and update project calendar
* Facilitate and/or participate in client meetings
* Set and manage client expectations
* Build and maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty
* Create project documentation

Marketing and Sales Support
* Participate in pre-sales meetings and provide recommendations as needed
* Support development of Proposal/Scope of Work in conjunction with Sales
* Support business development projects as related to area of expertise
* Write regular blog posts
* Participate in social media


The ideal candidate will possess a Bachelor’s degree in related field, along with 4 years of experience in marketing/demand generation and marketing data analysis. A minimum 3 years of experience with Marketo, Eloqua or other relevant marketing automation platforms, as well as, is required.

Candidates should also possess the following skills and abilities:
* Knowledge of demand generation strategies and tactics, digital and email marketing campaign execution tactics and best practices, data hygiene and analytics
* Ability to successfully define outcomes, manage expectations, manage cross-functional initiatives and meet deadlines based on project requirements
* Demonstrated success building strong relationships, establishing and proving credibility and partnering with clients, business leaders and peers
* Confident and articulate presentation skills
* Exceptional oral and written communication skills
* Strong organizational skills and attention to detail, ensuring that work is performed accurately, completely and meets or exceeds the client’s expectations
* An industrious, motivated, resourceful and creative work ethic

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