Generally, marketers love social media. We tweet with the best of them. Our LinkedIn networks put non-marketers’ networks to shame. We understand how to use Facebook for business and pleasure. There is one social media channel, however, that marketers appear not to like. In fact, marketers seem to hate it. That channel is Google+.

In an informal poll of marketers, MarketingProfs asked about social media preferences. Not surprisingly, LinkedIn is marketers’ favorite network for professional use and Facebook for personal use. What was surprising was that (to date) 42% of respondents have identified Google+ as the network they “Never Want to Hear About Ever Again” and 50% of marketers’ said Google+ was the most confusing social network.

Most confusing and least favorite? Ouch, Google+, that’s gotta hurt! But why are marketers saying this? We asked our Facebook audience of nearly 70,000 marketers what they thought.

Here are their thoughts regarding Google+.

Why Most Marketers Hate Google+

"It's basically a mashup of Facebook and Pinterest. It doesn't have a great user experience or visual design (in my opinion), and users in our target audience simply aren't very active there. No reason to spread yourself so thin for subpar results." (Autumn McReynolds)

"When I sign up for other social networks, it feels like I'm walking through a door on my own. When I sign up for Google+, it feels like I'm in the process of being captured." (David Brazeal)

"I don't like circles and the term feels like I'm back in high school." (Rob Yoegel)

"They need to open API to personal pages; also, [it] takes multiple clicks to get to the professional pages." (Stott T. Templeman)

"The giant F-Up on their part was getting marketers on board with G+, then enabling those same marketers to create a G+ account through Google Apps. The accounts couldn't be cleanly merged and the process of importing all of my Circles and other data over to a business account took FAR too long for them to figure out. Month after month, it was 'We're working on a solution for this.' Give me a break. It's absolutely ridiculous a company the size of Google couldn't have this detail worked out beforehand." (Dan Gershenson)

"I hate Google+ because it's not very intuitive, not many people are on it, and Facebook beat them to … everything." (Nicole Rodriguez)

Why a Few Marketers Don't Hate Google+

Now, let's be clear---some marketers love Google+. We wanted to hear from them, too. Here’s what they had to say.

"I love G+. And I love that everyone else hates it. It's harder to market there, but especially for someone introverted like me, it's easier to find and sort deeper connections, not to mention how just... stupid easy ... it is to find like-minded people of other groups." (Tinu Abayomi-Paul)

"So far, I've made more money marketing myself and expertise on Google+ than other networks. I've also captured top 5 search rankings for keywords with close to 19MM results...because of Google+. Learning curve? Yep. Confusion? Yep. Gigantic community of people and professionals to help? Yep. Significantly better collaboration tools for business? Yep. Instant search indexing? Yep. You guys can stay here if you want; I'm happily enjoying the success." (Stephan Hovnanian)

What Do You Think?

So, Google+, there you have it. Marketers could love you a whole lot more. Even though some marketers already do, mostly marketers feel confusion, a lot of angst, and unhappy. It seems that marketers need some more information on how to make Google+ work for them, and perhaps Google+ needs to make a few changes to make the site more intuitive for marketers.

Want to voice your opinion about your favorite social network? Take the following poll and let us know what you think.

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Corey O'Loughlin is a marketing manager at MarketingProfs. Reach her via Twitter.