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How to Build Your Customer Experience Framework in Five Steps, with Columbia Business School Professor Bernd Schmitt

Professor Bernd Schmitt
Roy Young
Thu., May 18, 2006, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
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Companies of all kinds acknowledge that their customers are important; that customers are the company’s most valuable asset. Such proclamations are heard many times—in CEO speeches, in press releases, and in the phone queue waiting for a customer service representative. But how are customers really being treated? What about the customer’s actual experiences? The answer is often “bad,” despite all the protestations to the contrary.

But not all companies provide poor experiences for their customers. Some companies deliver a great experience, and that gives them a competitive advantage. These companies have a real understanding of the customer experience and use that to provide service, products, and communications that are relevant to the customer’s business needs and consumer’s lifestyle.

In his presentation, Bernd Schmitt introduces the five-step Customer Experience Management (CEM) framework, a comprehensive tool for managing the customer experience and connecting with customers at every touch-point.

As part of the CEM framework, Professor Schmitt presents cases of successful CEM implementations in a wide variety of consumer products, services and B2B industries. Most important, he provides new insight into perennial marketing and management issues such as segmentation and targeting, positioning, branding, service, and innovation.


Professor Bernd Schmitt is Robert D. Calkins Professor of International Business at Columbia Business School, where he also is Executive Director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership. He is also a co-founder and the CEO of The EX Group.

Professor Schmitt has authored or co-authored six books which have been translated into 16 languages. In the acclaimed Experiential Marketing, he provides a framework for an integrated marketing approach that moves beyond the functional features and benefits of a brand. His recent book Customer Experience Management provides a five-step process for connecting with the customer at every touchpoint.

He is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences worldwide. As a consultant, Professor Schmitt's frameworks and tools are used by companies worldwide to gain competitive advantage through delivering a great customer experience.

He has authored or co-authored more than 50 articles in leading business and academic journals, as well as business media publications including The New York Times, The Asian Wall Street Journal, and the The Financial Times. He has been profiled on CNNfn's "Business Unusual" and has appeared on BBC, CNBC, CNBC-Asia, CNN, and NHK.

Who Should Attend?

Marketing professionals at all levels in all industries who have responsibility for customer touch points.

What Will You Learn?

  • To gain original insight into the customer's world
  • To develop an experiential strategy platform
  • To create a unique and vivid brand experience
  • To provide dynamic interactions at the customer interface
  • To innovate continuously to improve customers’ lives

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