Editor's note:This video is the fourth in a series that lays out some best-practices not only for radio in a digital age but also for marketing and advertising generally.

We humans are hardwired for stories. When we hear a story—something with conflict and resolution; a beginning, a middle, and an end—we lean forward and listen. Stories are what our language is built around. Stories are how we learn to speak. We can use storytelling to make our radio advertising much more engaging.

Luke Sullivan (the world's greatest copywriter) says, "Our job is to discover the stories behind our brands and tell them in a way that will get people's attention." He's right.

When we discover the truth about the brands we represent—the way the consumer interacts with the brand—the stories begin to tell themselves. And our listeners will more easily remember what we have to tell them, because it takes shape in a familiar form.

If you want to do effective radio that people remember, follow Rule 3: Tell a Good Story. (For more, watch the brief video and listen to the sample radio spot, both below.)

Radio Rule 3, Exemplified (click on the arrow, below, to hear the radio spot):

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