Editor's note:This video is the sixth in a series that lays out some best-practices not only for radio in a digital age but also for marketing and advertising generally. Next week, we begin a biweekly video series of advertising tips and tricks based on decades of radio experience.

You and two friends have spent the last three hours climbing up the edge of a giant pizza crust. Finally reaching the top, you look out over the vast plain of pepperoni and green peppers. The aroma causes you to lose your balance and tumble down into a pool of warm, tangy tomato sauce. Etcetera.

Radio's greatest asset is its ability to stimulate people's imaginations. Quite literally, it causes images to form in a listener's mind.

The reason that's such a strength is this: The images formed in a listener's mind come from that listener's life experience. If you use the imaginative power of radio, you've welded your brand into thousands of minds in a very personal way. You've combined your brand with their life experience. And those imaginative pictures stay with people.

Rule 5: leave the listener with an image.

(For more, watch the brief video and listen to the sample radio spot, both below.)

Radio Rule 5, Exemplified (click on the arrow, below, to hear the radio spot):

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The Five Rules of Great Radio: Rule 5 [Video]

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Brent Walker is owner of Soundscapes, creative audio for broadcast and emerging media. Contact him by phone at 501-661-1765 or via the Soundscapes website