Modern customers are incredibly skeptical. They're not likely to take anything you say at face value. And why should they if you don't include evidence to back it up?

Content accomplishes its goals only when the readers trust your brand, explains Melanie Deziel in this episode of the Marketing Smarts Live Show.

"The first thing that our content needs to be doing is earning trust in some way so that we then have the privilege, we have the right, to then ask for whatever that secondary call to action is."

So... what creates evidence?

A lot of things—videos, tweets, website copy—as long as they're being used in the context of corroboration, demonstration, and education. Experts who can back you up. Behind-the-scenes videos that prove the best-practices you brag about having.

However you can show your audience that you're telling the truth.

And you don't have to ditch your current content strategy, either—just infuse it with the proper elements.

"Sprinkle evidence on the content that we know is working. Think of it like a topping, but a delicious topping that needs to be on everything," says Deziel.

So... Sriracha?

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