Combining creativity with B2B marketing is an ongoing challenge. In many ways, it's like a puzzle: How do you build an emotional connection with your customers and inspire deep-seated brand loyalty when you lack the direct tactics of B2C campaigns? And then, how do you repeat your latest campaign's success again (and again, and again)?

The answer is simple, and it's the same concept you'd apply in the B2C world: Listen to customers, personalize your interactions, and keep your human audience in focus.

Today, social media data is critical in that effort, because it contains complex insights required to understand customers' challenges, preferences, and goals. With those insights, marketers can tailor and test their B2B campaigns to ensure efficacy. However, analyzing and applying customer data to marketing strategy isn't always straightforward.

Here are three priorities for marketers looking to add a human touch to their B2B marketing.

1. Look for data that applies to your sales pipeline

Big Data is... big. If you're collecting and analyzing it without an end game in sight, your efforts might drown in the work itself. Any data set can help shine light on trends, insights, or predictions for the future, but to extract true value, you need to use your sales pipeline as a framework.

Brainstorm a list of questions you'd love to answer about your sales funnel. For example:

  • Why did your last five failed opportunities fall through?
  • What's the average time a customer takes to complete a journey through your pipeline?
  • What's a realistic revenue milestone to aim for next quarter?

If you're searching for answers to questions like those, the data insights that will deliver ROI will quickly stand out.

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Mark Ripley is vice-president of sales at Insightly, which develops Cloud-based CRM and project management tools for small and midsize businesses.

LinkedIn: Mark Ripley