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Many mobile users are unsatisfied with the mobile Web experience: 18% of smartphone users say their recent mobile browsing experiences have been frustrating and 70% describe their experiences as "just OK," according to a new survey from Modapt and Morrissey & Company.

Such dissatisfaction appears to affect banner ad performance: 92% of surveyed smartphone owners say they are less likely to click on a banner ad via mobile browser than desktop browser.

Below, additional findings from a survey of mobile users (95% reported using a smartphone) jointly issued by Modapt and Morrissey & Company.

Navigating websites (40%) and slow downloads (40%) are the biggest challenges among smartphone users, followed by information that's hard to read or find (20%):

Smartphone users rely on their devices most for finding information about businesses (31%) and destinations (30%), but visiting social media sites is the biggest draw for roughly 20% of mobile audiences:

But few smartphone users make purchases via mobile device often (4%) or even sometimes (20%).


Nearly one-half (48%) of smartphone users never make purchases via mobile.

Not surprisingly, fully one-half (50%) of smartphone users say they feel less secure about paying for something via mobile browser than desktop browser.

Other key findings:

  • Though 38% of mobile users say their employer relies on its website for business transactions, only one-third say their websites look good (22%) or excellent (9%)on a mobile device.
  • Only 15% of mobile users say their employer publishes a smartphone app.

About the data: Findings are from a survey of 150 mobile phone users in July 2011, conducted jointly by Modapt Inc. and Morrissey & Company. Some 95% of respondents reported using a smartphone; all were highly qualified mobile users, according to the data provider, including IT knowledge workers and members of academia.

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