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When dealing with the ever-evolving world of social media, marketers must be nimble and adaptive if they're going to keep up with the migration patterns of their audiences. In that sense, newly ascendant social network Pinterest has much to offer marketers.

Harnessing our fascination with images, relatively new social network Pinterest allows users to display pictures and videos for the whole digital world to see and share.

Users create online pinboards on Pinterest and collect images and videos to pin on their boards—much like old-school bulletin boards.

Now, marketers are also using Pinterest to tell their stories via pictures and extend their reach. By pinning product images, infographics, how-to information, designs, bits of inspiration, and more, businesses are appealing to the human proclivity to look when there's something to see.

The following infographic from Maxymiser on ways that marketers, online retailers, and others can use Pinterest, offering concrete tips. It also touches on Pinterest users' activity on the site and motives for using it vs. other social networks. (Also check out the free Pinterest Marketing Kit from MarketingProfs.)

Pinterest who what where how

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