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Topic: Advertising/PR

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How Do You Write A Radio Commercial?

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Good Morning:

I am looking for some simple guidelines for the students in my community college Advertising Principles class to follow when preparing a 30 second or 60 second radio commercial.

I have plenty of stuff that I have written over the years, but I am trying to get another take on how to simplify teaching the subject.

Do you know of any resources for this task?

Thanks much,

Vince DiFranco
Mesa Community College (Phoenix).

  • Posted on Member
    Hi Vince

    Paul has given you some good list of points.

    To add:

    1) Include your Brand name early in the radio spot and repeat it again at the end.

    2) Specify time limited offers, pertinent to your target audience, to increase urgency and increase call to action.

    3) In my experience, radio spots are almost double as effective if you keep your 'call to action' to a single channel. Most people will not remember a number and a website.

    4) Advertise your spots when you know your target audience will be listening and adjust frequency levels to ensure they hear the complete radio spot at different times.

    5) Aligning 'creative' execution with the rest of your advertising campaign will give you greater clarity of your message to your target audience and can achieve better results overall.

    6) Keep your idea simple and deliver it so your target audience will find it impossible to ignore - I know, easier said then done!

    7) Ensure objectives for your radio campaign are agreed in advance and control measures monitored and accurately recorded.

    Hope this helps.

    Zahid Adil
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks to all of you radio copywriting experts. These are the type of points that I was looking for. Hope I can return the service sometime.

    Vince DiFranco
  • Posted on Member
    Excellent advice i will use in my Schooling,
    any advice for 0.15 pop-in CA's?

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