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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Ideas To Reach Parents Of Teens & Young Adults

Posted by Anonymous on 200 Points
Looking to market to parents of young adults.

My Product- a self study, basic money management course, designed for young adults aged 16 to 24. The course is offered on a self-study CD or via a per-per-access website.

Target Market parents or grandparents of 16 to 24 year olds, who are concerned about their kids lack of basic money skills.

Budget is very limited. Initially I am trying to market the course in a low cost way.
I will probably do Google Adwords, and consider banner ads, however I am looking for alternative ideas:

Question A - I would be very interested in other webbased on Non-web promotional ideas.

Question B - Comments about the ideas described below, and/or suggestions on the best way to reach decision makers would agree to be strategic partners.

Other marketing ideas that I am considering
Idea #1
Strategic partnership involving high schools or colleges. Schools would alert parents of availability of Course. Parents would get a discount and school earns commission.

Idea #2
Strategic partnership with Human Resources departments of businesses. Employees would get discounted course for themselves or their kids.

  • Posted by mocando on Accepted
    You already brought up involving schools. Looking deeper, the PTA would be the first stop as those parents are already actively involved in their children's lives. Look also to booster clubs instead of involving the whole school. In most cases, getting a whole school to adopt a fund raiser is quite difficult unless you have the school board on board. Which leads me to the school board. You could contact them and see if they would be interested in your product. I would imagine that you would have to offer quite a bit to them to get their interest. Maybe you could think of the school board in your town as your pilot project.

    Check into the local library or religious group. Your could offer an introductory course there.

    Look to financial planners. If you can get one on board, maybe you could offer a mini seminar to their customers. This could cost you quite a bit of money in space rental and refreshments but you may be able to get the company to split the cost.

    Good luck.
  • Posted on Author
    Based on the comments above, I will reconsider how I execute strategic alliances.
    I will also try to focus on marketing directly to Parents of teens and young adults. I will need to look into purchasing addresses (direct mail or email). Any suggestions on sources for address sources?
    I will close this question out shortly. However, I will leave it open a little bit longer for final responses. Then I will give out points. Thanks

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