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Topic: Advertising/PR

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How Do I Market To Doctors

Posted by Anonymous on 500 Points
Does any one out there know the best way to market to doctors? I have a client who would like to gain referrals from the docs (general practitioners, DOs and orthopods). Are there any proven techniques other than the expensive lunches that the pharmaceutical reps bring to the table? The client hasn't made any headway in trying to land a personal visit.

I'm not convinced that a brochure and letter of introduction are going to have any sticking power. Ideas?

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    In the Houston area, there is a type of Physicians Club in the Medical Center. Here, vendors sponsor lunches which are attended by physicians.

    You have tarteget a most expensive vertical. You may need a meeting w/the Dr., but you 're going to have to go through the front office, just like everyone else.

    This is an exclusive demo, they do not go for pitches from outside industry.

    Brochures will work office by office...appointment by appointment. DM works if consistent...but, probably not in the numbers you are wanting.

    Only 2%-3%.

  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    You may find a smattering of Rx reps who can get to the doctor, but most MDs feel that they can get better information on their own with internet and industry pubs. Rx reps basically end up feeding the front office and leaving samples. Not really what you're looking for.

    The seminar approach that Randall talks about is probably the most effective. If your client can handle that budget they get immediate credibility.

    One way around that is to partner with another non-competing company that would like to accomplish the same. Examples: Trust Attorneys, Financial planners. Another way to keep the cost down is to contact people who are already doing this. Take a look at the AMA website and find something in your area. Call the GPs office and offer to pay attendance fees in exchange for the opportunity to meet before hand.

    Hope this helps you think.


  • Posted by jcrooks on Accepted
    I had great success once by doing a mailing with a free instrument that was unique to our product. The physicians found it useful and were willing to learn more as a result.

    The key here was useful information/item. What can you give them that's unique about your product or company? Beyond the normal trinkets? Instead of making them search for info on the internet, help your client to become the resource, and publicize that offering!

    Best of luck,
  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Member
    Try looking at some past questions as this has been asked before.

    Sorry I dont have time to look them up for you now.
  • Posted by sham on Accepted
    one way is to follow the footpath of pharmeceutical companies " believe me its the best way and thats why all the pharma companies world wide are following it"

    if your client is not ready to invest on this probably participation in seminars/conferences with a stall where you can meet No.of doctors in a single day would be ideal and this can be supported by e-mails and brochures etc.
    you can also think about partenering with some non competitive company as suggested my michel

    hope this helps you
  • Posted by jcrooks on Member
    I was on the product launch for Chymodiactin (chymopapain), a papaya based enzyme which dissolved spinal discs without the need for surgery. The tool was the ruler which showed the precise angle which should be used for needle insertion during the procedure. My target audience was neuro and orthopedic surgeons. It was quite an experience!
  • Posted by eunonna on Member
    My son-in-law has upscale physical thearpy clinics( read no insurance accepted) and to market to the doctors in his trading areas we printed note pads, prescription pads, post-its, pens and other useful office items with his logo, a brief message line and made up attractive gifts baskets and had members of his staff deliver them to the appropreate offices over a period of a few weeks. A follow-up phone call asked if they received the basket and if it was useful. Referrals went up by an astonishing 30% and requests came in for more post-its and prescription pads!
  • Posted on Member

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