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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Mother's Day & Jewelry - This One's For The Guys

Posted by Anonymous on 200 Points
I am the marketing manager for a jewelry store that is family owned and features high quality, unique pieces are great prices.

I am working on copy for our Mother's Day radio commercials, and I've come to a complete halt. The commercial I am trying to write is targeted at men to buy jewelry for the mother of their children, not their own mothers. So my question is for the dad's out there, what will motivate you to buy jewelry for Mother's Day? And if you have bought or are planning on buying jewelry for Mother's Day for your wife/gf/other, why?

Thanks in advance,

  • Posted on Accepted
    Hello Nadia,

    Ahhh Mother's Day, a wonderful and special holiday indeed. Here is one holiday I don't mind spending a little extra, just because it deserves its place on the calendar.

    1) Why would I buy jewelry? I want her to feel special, spoiled, beautiful. That means not only the piece of jewelry has to be beautiful, but also presented beautifully too. A ring/ear ring should come in a nice velvet jewelry box, necklaces likewise in a nice presentable box. The entire package should say, you're so special, I want the entire package to represent how I feel. Let me, the customer, feel proud to have spent money at your place. If I do, I will come back again.

    2) What sets one store/company over another, all else about the jewelry being the same? They should meet criteria #1 first. Well designed printed ads have on many occassions "forced" me to drive down to the mall and get that necklace/ear ring/bracelet, etc. If I see her looking over a colorful ad again and again, I know it's her subtle way of saying, "I wish I had this or that." If I know there is a special design or style of jewerly that is very popular, and available for a limited time, that is a big plus. Even if I don't buy it, I would take the time to see what it is. Finally, if the selection and quality are the same, then it comes down to price.

    The following are things that don't do anything for me. They might mean something for someone else, but just not me when it comes to purchasing high end jewelry: no interest for x amount of time, store credit/loan, layaway plans.

    I'd like to add that for me, Valentine's Day is geared more towards romantic love... the "I want you" eros type of love.

    While Mother's Day is geared more toward the "I value you, I need and appreciate you" type of love.

    Happy selling!
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    Nadia: I sent a :60 Radio to your email at your store.
    Hope I helped a little.

  • Posted on Member
    Why do we buy jewellery...
    Well maybe we want to relive the moment's of truth from before...
    Yes, we bloom it up with a lot of nice words and thoughts but in essence, we buy something because we want something.
    Reliving past experiences (good ones) can be very thrilling.
    That's what I was thinking.
  • Posted on Author
    I want to thank all of you for your great responses!! I've been able to pull some really good stuff from them and I think am on the right track for a good radio commercial.

    Igor, the "would she expect this from you" line is perfect.

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