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Topic: Advertising/PR

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How To Get A Sponsor For My Radio Talk Show

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I want to start a Radio talk show on financial empowerment.
1. Iwant sample letter/template on writing to a sponsor
2. How do I approach Sponsors?
3. I need detailed information on corporate sponsorship

  • Posted by Tatyiana on Accepted
    I would just add that you need to get out there and network. I don't believe that you will be successful in mailing a bunch of form letters and hoping something will stick.

    Once you have defined your radio show audience, you sponsorship "hit list", find ways to get in front of them and make connections.

    What is the duration and frequency of your show? What is your target for howe many sponsors? Can you spring for some gratis advertising first to get some metrics and gain some interest?

    Just be careful about trying to send out something generic and counting on results. The personal touch and communication is what you business does - so transfer that to your sponsors.

    And how do you get your hands on sponsorships packages? Secret shopping. Get a few stations to pitch you and see how you like their package and positioning. You can learn a lot from staking out the competition.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Have you thought about syndicating online first? There are a number of online podcasting /radio portals that can help you gain awareness, exposure and traction. While you figure all of the angles you have with specific demographics. It would be much much easier for a consultant or a firm to put together a marketing proposal and presentation proposal for you to approach brand advertisers.

    All the best,

  • Posted by MANSING on Accepted
  • Posted by john_hicks on Accepted
    Hi there

    I have worked with a number of UK radio stations, both national and local, who have hired me to seek sponsorship of everything from on-air programmes through to bumper stickers or traffic report vehicles.

    Tatyiana has given you some sound advice. My experience has been that you firstly need to look at who your audience is going to be and how you are going to attract new listeners.

    From there, you can build a presentation in your mind or on paper.

    Once that is clear, look at who is advertising to that type of audience on-line, on radio, on television and in newspapers. Identify a few target businesses and research them thoroughly. Look at their recent press releases, look at what the newspaper analysts have said about them, look at their blogs etc. and sign up to the newsletters/catalogues. See what their headline promotions are and main lines of business.

    Then get out there and network.

    Start with your current suppliers and business contacts to see if there is a good fit there. Network with them - they will already know a little about you and how you operate. This is often a quick win.

    Look amongst the people who are at your local business networking opportunities first.

    If you cannot find a sponsor quickly there then target national companies. This is a longer process that networking locally.

    The first point of call is to telephone their marketing people to find out who is the point of contact for making a presentation. Sometimes you cannot get past a generic e-mail address but still write to them with a very brief outline of what you wish to present to them and ask for an appointment to make a short presentation which will be of interest to them.

    Through their newsletters and sales catalogues you might spot exhibitions or sales seminars they are attending. Get along to see them in person and introduce yourself. These may or may not be the people who get involved in programme sponsorship but you can ask them the question - who should you speak to. They have inside knowledge to help you.

    I wish you well with this interesting project. I hope these thoughts are helpful - if I can be of more help please e-mail me.


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