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Topic: Student Questions

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Responsibilities Of A Brand Manager

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Dear All,

I am student of marketing and want to know in details about the responsibilities of a brand manager, whats the job profile and job desription of the brand manager.

  • Posted by lrmarroquin on Accepted
    Hi chsajiali, did you google brand manager/management and job description together?

    I have done it several times and found very useful info. I remember have found on useful job descriptions, in some sites specially designed with a library of job descriptions you will find more in depth information, give it a try, it is info, easy to find.

    You may find useful that brand management concept was developed by Procter and Gamble and since then it has propagated to other industries.

    Best Luck at your career.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi chsajiali,

    Great question with a very not simple answer.

    At the most basic level, a brand manager is responsible for a product's overall image. They typically control most of the major aspects of the marketing for a product or product line.

    Different companies view this position differently especially in terms of reporting responsibilities. In some, this is the most senior position on the marketing side, in others it is much less senior. In smaller companies, this is part of a marketing director's job. In some companies their are lower tier brand managers who report to a senior brand manager.

    For a good example of this, search a site with marketing jobs and query 'Brand Manager'. As you see the job descriptions, they are not that different from what you would expect to see for a marketing director in general, simply a focus has been placed on the brand aspect of the job.

    A typical set of requirement include:

    Product line management

    Category management

    Brand and Category strategies

    Sales and Marketing strategies

    Budget management

    Research and Development

    Develop and Implement marketing plans

    Some companies view the job of the CEO as the ultimate 'Brand Manager'.

    Long story short, regardless of how a company is organized around it, the job of the brand manager is to have the proverbial 40,000 foot view of how a brand is being marketed from start to finish and top to bottom and to make sure it adheres to established brand standards and that each effort builds or reinforces brand equity.

    For a really good book to get your head around brand management, I would recommend Brand Simple

    Good luck!

  • Posted on Author
    Here i would like to say words of thanks to all of you who have relplied to my question. All of you have been really of great help to understand the job description of a brand manager.

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