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Topic: Student Questions

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Marketing Communication Plan Framework

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
hi there
can someone assit me with the explaination some sort of summary or detailed kind on the subject of marketing plan framework as i normally get confused with the communication startegy of the whole corporate and the marketing comm strategy if someone out there can help i will greatly appreciate

  • Posted by Ali Mustafa on Accepted
    many company rely on one or more communication tools to achieve their communications goals. such as general advertising, direct mail, sales promotions, PR putting all the marketing mix into plan and keeping it consistency for maximum impact. that’s what usually a marketing communication plan consist where as a marketing plan consist of a much broader area such as
    • market situation
    • opportunity analysis
    • objectives
    • target market
    • budget
    • control and monitoring
    • action plans.

    hope this will help you.

  • Posted on Accepted

    Marketing communication is about the tools or methods you use to deliver your message to the targeted market.
    Examples are
    You have two types

    A) Above the Line: Include Billboards, TV, Print
    B) Below the Line: Radio, Posters, Brochures, Trade shows, exhibitions e.t.c

    Inorder to have all the above work work in an intergrated manner you have to have a plan of when to use which and who you are actually targeting.

    A marketing plan on the other hand is wider than that ..... the communication plan is part of the execution process of the marketing plan


  • Posted on Author
    thanks to ekarujongo and eloquence i appreciate your effort and will make sure to post some more questions as i still have some issues pending before my exams
  • Posted on Accepted
    Here is a good example of a Marketing Communications Plan:
  • Posted on Accepted
    I think wdarina has given u a good example of a macomm plan.

    As eloquence mentioned the macomm plan is aimed at briefing all the suppliers responsible in the marketing mix about the whole campaign. What is the focus of the campaign, what budget they get, who they work close with, who is the most important and what are the delieverables.

    It's meant to be concise , who what where, when, why,how...

    The suppliers/players are advertising agents, PR, sponsorship, marketing research, Word of mouth, product recall issues, lobbying issues, direct marketing people and so on.

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