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Topic: Website Critique

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Need Help With Web Site Headlines

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I read this on a marketing website "If you want people to read what you have to say on your website, you must start each webpage with a compelling headline and use sub headlines to keep your visitors reading your text"

I am developing a web site and need to headlines for the front page. We are a Call Center for outsourcing telemarketing inbound and outbound services. We are nationwide and have the top technology in the industry. Our service is superb and we have a tate of the art facility.

Any suggestions for headlines to the front page introduction to us headline, then a secondary headline with what content would be most important? If you were going to outsource to a call center what would you be looking for?

Any suggestions?


  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Is Your Business Overwhelmed With Phone Calls?
    Tired Of Answering The Phone?
    Tired Of Cold-Calling?
    Rather Be Working Than Calling?
    Wasting Too Much Time On The Phone?
    We Love To Find You New Customers
    Because Calling Isn't Everyone's Cup of Tea
    Leave Phone Calling To the Pros
    Do What You Do. We'll Answer The Phone.
    Stop Phone Interruptions.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Put down the phone. Thats our job.
    We got time to talk
    We got time to talk do you?
  • Posted by jpoyer on Accepted
    Do What You Do. We'll Answer The Phone. -- GOOD ONE!

    Some stream of consciousness very-unfiltered ideas ...

    Why do people need your service?

    They are busy.
    They aren't good at telemarketing.
    They want their business to grow.
    They want to provide solid customer service.
    They can't afford to hire in-house.

    Phones are our business.
    We take care of ours so you can take care of yours.

    Hang up and drive.
    We'll answer the phone, you take the wheel.

    We give good phone.
    Let us take your calls to a whole new level.

    Interruptions x BusinessName = Relief for YOU
    Do What You Do We'll Answer The Phone.

    Hope this helps,

    XPRT Creative

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