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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Marketing Strategy For New School

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
i am going to launch a new school in a metro city.please suggest me some marketing strategies to make my project successful.

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    Think about this for a second. You are launching a new school - you have gathered demographic, geographic and general data, prior to your decision to move forward. Your files are full of information, or should be.

    So, then you come to ask us...a question with two pieces of information, and anticipate an answer that will help you to move forward...?!?!?!

    1. I am opening a school
    2. In a metropolitan area

    Then ask for strategies....there is no way this question can be answered. We need more information.

    Target markets
    Political Environment
    Demographics....and loads of other questions....

    So, help us out, OK?

  • Posted by Juliet on Accepted

    You have posted a very open-ended question here so it is hard for everyone to give you specific advice. Please let us help you by providing the information WMMA (Randall) has requested.

    I work in both the public and private education sector at present in Scotland. This may be a very different education system and culture to where your school is, so bear this in mind when I give you my thoughts:

    1) I am presuming your school is a private one. Each private school has specific interests and skills which make it different to others. Some follow specific philosophies, e.g.:
    - Rudolph Steiner
    - Waldorf
    - Montessori
    - Reggio Emilia

    Some focus on specialisms such as...
    - Additional support for learning, e.g. if you have a child who is dyslexic
    - Getting children to pass academic exams for entrance into status universities. In the UK, some private schools specialise in preparing students to take the entrance exams for Oxford and cambridge universities
    - Academically gifted children
    - Single sex schools
    - Alternative education, for children who haven't managed mainstream schools
    - Co-operative schools
    - Small class sizes
    - Forest schools
    - International Schools.

    When marketing such schools, consult widely over the philosophy and approach and use testimonials from happy, satisfied parents in other schools which have the same philosophy or subject experts who support the approach taken by your new school. Promote the aims and aspirations of the school and the quality of education that will result from these.

    2) Look at the qualifications of staff. Very important. Not all private schools have state qualified teachers. Some private schools like to promote the experience and qualifications of their staff, especially the head teacher (a surprising number of parents do ask, if this isn't in the brochure or website).

    3) What exams do the students sit? Again this is important information. For example in Scotland, some private schools follow the English exam system not the Scottish one.

    4) Now if it's a new school you do not have school data as yet use as promotional material. However, see if any teacher has personal statistical data that they are willing to share along with professional and relevant personal achievements. Here in Scotland, schools are externally inspected and teachers' lessons are rated on a scale. In the inspection reports, head teachers are publicly rated for their leadership and teaching abilities. So if such statistics are available for your head teacher, then this is a useful source of information and promote their strengths identified in inspection reports from schools they have previously led.

    6) Extra-curricular activities. Before school, at lunch time and after school.

    7) In terms of other marketing strategies, common approaches used that I have seen are:
    - Advertising on the sides of school transport, e.g. their minibuses
    - Open days and evenings. These are advertised in the press and often to local public schools directly
    - Websites which are up-to-date and have regular newsflashes
    - Press releases about charity fund raisers or community involvement
    - Being used as positive testimonials for other organisations, e.g. World Challenge Expeditions
    - There are also professional organisations to which many private schools belong within many countries. These sometimes provide regulations and codes of practice to which members subscribe.
    - Brochures and information packs.

    8) What is most effective though, is the way in which parents and children are dealt with at school on a daily basis. The school must be friendly, caring and welcoming. Staff have to demonstrate that they clearly trust and respect the views of the parents and really want to work in partnership with them to meet the needs of their children.

    Hope this helps.

    Creative STAR Learning Company

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